Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter day special SALE only at Mischief Designz

psssssssstttttt FwTags Creations here....
I have a secret I want to share.
All my products at Mischief Designz are just $0.99c
yes you read that right....
HURRY only for Easter day and ONLY AT Mischief Designz;

 photo Image2_zpsdb371357.png


  1. Claire i need to talk to you ...... i know we are not friends but i need you to stop telling ur Ct team shit bout me! i moved on a long time ago and then i find that Carla Marie has said shit bout me i have got legal advice and i can sue for slander cos i can prove i bought every tube i used......i have printscreens of wot she said and people talking about it .....NOW LISTEN I HAVE HAD IT I DONT EVEN KNOW THIS GIRL SO FORGET MY NAME ok???????? i have wanted things left alone for ages now maybe you will listen and 3 people left ur Ct team when i left cos u were dragging every1 in to ur drama.... karen thinks the sun shines shines outta ur ass ATM lol....u know the convos we had hun so shut ur mouth bout me and my name ok... forget it! or i will sue Fwtags and i can cos i record everything from ur Ct team

    1. I need a relpy just to say u understand and ur Team will leave me alone.